ServSafe Alcohol Classes

MWI offers a ServSafe Alcohol classes that teaches servers of alcohol how to handle difficult situations: so they can prevent drunk driving and misuse of alcohol. The participants in the program are placed in a classroom and trained directly by a ServSafe certified instructor to detect the signs of intoxication and intervene effectively to prevent alcohol-related problems.

There have been many proven effective by third-party studies that skills-based training program help prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving by enhancing the fundamental "people skills" of servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol.

After taking the class and passing the exam, ServSafe will certify that an individual has the necessary knowledge and confidence they need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems and intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies.

Why Should I Be ServSafe Certified?

For many bars, training that certifies bartenders as resposnsible employees are mandatory. It is very often the case that servers of alcohol must complete the training within 30 days of commencing employment.

This is because a certification is a nationally recognized standard that limits liability of the employer and the understanding that their employees have knowledge handling difficult situations. Insurance companies love this and often give substantial discounts on premiums to bar owners who only hire bartenders with alcohol certification since companies who hire ServSafe certified employees are much less likely to make claims. Since you’re going to be saving your employer money on insurance and since you are less risky to hire than bartenders who don’t hire bartenders with ServSafe, those who take ServSafe will be more marketable.

This means that you will not only learn how to protect yourself in the event of an alcohol-involved incident, but you will become more marketable for these quality companies.

Why ServSafe over RAMP or TIPS?

RAMP or the Responsible Alcohol Management Program is great if you want to work in Pennsylvania, but it currently does little help if you want to work anywhere else in the United States of America since it is not yet a nationally recognized program.

Servsafe is accredited by the National Restaurant Association and is accepted by every state in the United States. Moreover, ServSafe provides a fully colored textbook that upon completing the class, students will be able to take home with you to study and keep.

TIPs (Training for Intervention ProcedureS), on the other hand, is still a great alternative if you’re only looking to become nationally accredited. We just simply prefer how ServSafe is taught and handled over TIPs. Most insurance carriers will still provide discounts to their employers for either, we just prefer how ServSafe is taught and handled.

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