Nationwide Job Placement Program

We offer nationwide job placement assistance to our graduates at over 75 locationsSince the Mixology Wine Institute is part of the Professional Bartending Schools of America, all graduates of the Mixology Wine Institute are eligible for nationwide job placement assistance program. There are 34 PBSA campuses and an additional 45 have been contracted to help one another.

With 34 campuses, PBSA is the nation's largest group of independently-owned bartending schools so that we can help you find a job anywhere.

Each of these campuses have signed written contracts for placement services at these additional campuses and monitors them for their results. This is why we are confident that we can provide the best assistance.

It’s very easy to do.

To be eligible for our Nationwide Job Placement Program, all a student must do after they graduate from our school is call us so that we can set up the necessary arrangements for their relocation.

Alternatively, a graduate can call the school they require job placement assistance, tell them they’re a graduate, and send them a scanned copy of their PBSA certification proving that they are a graduate from one of our schools. The school will treat that graduate as its own, and will have access to their database of job openings at no charge. The graduate may also use the job placement services available at that campus as often as they like.

Our nationwide job placement program is a great way to see the country while earning a good living.

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