Job Placement Assistance Program

What is Job Placement Assistance?

So, you may ask yourself what is the significance of Job Placement at the Mixology Wine Institute?

If you've read some of the information on this site then you know that the reason why people take bartending classes may vary according to their different needs. The need can be social, financial etc. However all of our graduates-or at least the vast majority-are interested in working and experiencing the fascinating world of Mixology for money.

They have a purpose. That purpose will only be fulfilled if they get a job and earn money. That is the real difference between bartending in your basement as a hobby or making money out of it. They take it as a part job or as a career. So it truly is about getting a job.

So what does Job Placement Assistance mean?

It means exactly what it says. We assist you with getting a job quickly and efficiently. We are going to help you get a job. So we hired our wonderful Liz who is our job placement director. Liz is a graduate of Yale University (needless to say she is very thorough). Liz has one focus: to assist our graduates in getting work.

We mastered a system that will get the job done.

As you come to visit our school we will show you step by step how we help you get a job. you will experience with us the easy process of being out there working. You will enjoy looking at some of the current job openings, you will be able to see different environments so can see which environment you want to get into.

Work in Philadelphia's best bars!Would it be a fast nightclub? A place where the music is on, people dance, high volume? Would it be a restaurant? Like Houlihans where you serve your customers at the bar but also make money from the servers. Or maybe you'd like a hotel, where the hourly wage is higher, where you get benefits? Where you see people on vacation or business people who will tip you like crazy?

Where do you feel comfortable? As we show and explain our CURRENT opening you will recognize some of the places and will get a better idea about which environent is close to your heart.

So have fun envisioning, have fun dreaming, and thinking of where you can really see yourself...

Since Liz offers personalized placement she will appreciate your input more than you can imagine. Job placement assistance is a fascinating process and an amazing experience.


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