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Mixology Wine Institute prides itself on being one of the best bartending schools in the country and supplying Philadelphia with some of the best bartenders in the industry and giving employers the chance to see how great we train our staff. Many bar owners don’t look any further than us for events, catering, or hiring.

We will help get that bar started for any occasion and make it as easy as possible for you so that you can worry about other things.

If you’re doing a private party, our graduates are taught what to order, how to make a drink menu, and will help with budgeting the bar. Our students can take away the stress from having to stock it yourself so that you can focus your time on other things.

If you are the owner or manager of a liquor-serving establishment and would like to interview some of our graduates for your establishment, you may fill the out form below or call the school nearest you.

Our professional referral services are free to all bars. Just fill out the forum below and you will immediately be put in touch with our job placement coordinator who will help you set up that bar!

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For the Fastest Answers to Your Questions, Call Us at 1 888 MIX DRINKS

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