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Learn bartending at our Philadelphia Bartending School!Why is education important?
Education is power. Education is translated into a profession and that will make you money.

A good education can be measured by the amount employer’s trust hiring from that institution and by how many connections it can open up.

Why choose one Bartending School over another?
Quality of education and the connections it offers. An educated person coming from a school that people consider great, will walk around knowing they are valued and in demand. Mixology Wine Institute not only gives students the belief that they’re the best in the industry, but the knowledge and know-how to perform as the best.

Establishments hire graduates from schools that come from places that know what they are offering. They want to feel secure knowing that they hired the right person right off the bat. They do not want to worry about you forgetting to use dark rum or light rum. They don’t want to teach or pay for your mistakes. Many of them won’t even consider the possibility of hiring you if they know you are a risk to their establishment.

Mixology Wine Institutes wants to make sure our graduates have all of the resources need to be the best in the industry. We want to provide students with the resources, knowledge, connections needed to get anywhere in the bar industry. We support all of our students with nationwide job placement assistance from resume help to setting up interviews with employers so our students can prioritize on the craft instead of feeling alone in the process of job searching.

Our graduates can and do choose the environment they are looking for.
Why? Because they are excellent. Because they need to pass a speed test, a final, a midterm. Because the know how to memorize and create drinks. Because they can build a drink menu. Because they can work at any bar and find ways to improve that bar.

Great education gives you choices.

You will have the skill and confidence to handle ANYTHING.


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