Bartending & Mixology Classes

The school is open from 10:00am - 6:00pm on Fridays so students can come in and practice.

10:00am -2:00pm
2:00pm -6:00pm
Saturday (6 Weeks)

Seminars for additional training are held on Sundays

For many of our students, it’s still not convenient to follow this schedule verbatim. This is understandable and we realize that many students want to graduate, obtain bartending licenses, and get a better job so they can live stress-free. That’s why we have flexible schedule.

Classes at Mixology Wine don't have to be taken in order, because unlike learning something sequential, like Math, learning to bartend is much more like a history class or a cooking class. That means that learning Martinis before Wine, or Margaritas before Highballs, makes absolutely no difference.

Because of this, our students are able to combine day evening and weekend classes to fit their needs, from hyper motivated people who want to finish in a week, to working grad students who need to take the program more slowly.

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