Why be a Mixologist in Philadelphia?

The Answer is different for everybody. In general, our belief at MWI is that everyone should become a bartender.

Because Bartending will be there for you no matter what. Because the demand will never end, because it will never change or be computerized. 

In fact, Bartending is more popular now because most people work a lot with computers and need the human touch. People need to go out and surround themselves with other people.

Alcohol has been around since ancient times. It has been called the water of life. In the days when drinking water was dangerous, alcohol served humanity. Alcohol has been a friend for thousands of years.

You can choose bartending as a career or as a part time job. Look at your situation. What is it that you want?

Are you laid off? This may look bad but on the other hand getting laid off could be the best thing that ever happened to you. So if you are laid off are you looking to work full time?

Or maybe you are tired of living in this area...Maybe you wish to relocate? Have you always wanted to move to Florida or California? Or maybe you wish to be at a ski resort for a year? Or how about the Islands?

Bartending will be there for you no matter where you go.

Have fun and meet people as a professional bartender!Are you in a job you don't like? Are you tired of waking up early? Maybe you want freedom from being a slave to a set schedule. What if you can break that habit and go to work at night? What would it feel like if you did?

Are you in school? Getting your degree? Tired of the depencency on your mom and dad? What if you bartend a couple of times a week? What if you made $300-400 a week?

Maybe you need to buy a house? Maybe you just want to bartend for about a year to save for a house. How would it feel to make that happen?

Maybe you're single. Maybe you want to meet a special person in your life? Since they tell you everything you can screen the people that are interested in you.

Let us tell you about Christine L.. She is a graduate. She came to our school and flat out said she wants to marry a business man and move to California. Guess what really happened? You guessed it, she got married and moved to California...Within 6 months.

Maybe you are our next success story!

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